The Student Parliament

  • The Student Parliament of 2014/2015

The Student Parliament (SP) is UiBs highest student political body, and has 31 members who are elected for a one-year period. There are elections every spring, and all students at UiB have a right to vote and to stand for election. The representatives are elected via unique political parties, called "lists", that different political groups at the University set up. Setting up a "list" for the election is open to anyone who is a registered UiB-student (the only requirement is at least one name on the list, i.e. one person who is standing for election, and a three signatures). This leads to a great variety of lists representing different political ideologies, different groups or interests. The number of lists represented in the Student Praliament varies from year to year. In the 2015-16 period, there is six different lists: "The Social Democratic List", "The Only Real Alternative", "The Greens", "The Blue List", "The Left Alliance" and "The Liberal List". There is also six representatives whom are elected individually. These represent each faculty, and are elected by the local student unions.


To execute the different policies of the parliament, an Executive Committee is elected each year. The Executive Committee functions as the students' main union representatives and works daily with exerting admitted policies and administering the day-to-day affairs of the Student Parliament. Through a strategy paper the parliament decides what the Executive Committee shall work with and prioritize. The Executive Comittee consists of four students, who are elected every year at the Student Parliament's contituent meeting. 


The students at the University of Bergen are through the Student Parliament represented in The National Union of Students in Norway (NSO). NSO is a national interest organization, representing approximately 200 000 students in Norway. 


If you want to learn more or even join the parliament yourself, read more here