Executive committee

  • The executive comittee of 2015-2016

The Executive Committee (AU) is the Student Parliament's case preparatory and executive body. AU is the students main representatives and works day-to-day to execute and manage the polices of the Student Parliament. 

AU consists of four representatives who are elected once a year at the constituent meeting following the student election. They work full-time to promote the interest of the students at UiB in accordance with the governing documents and other policies adopted by the Student Parliament. 

AU cooperates with the University of Bergen, The Student Welfare Organization in Bergen (SiB), The Municipality of Bergen, the media, the national government and The National Union of Students in Norway (NSO) to promote the common interests of students at UiB. Members of the executive comittee are also represented in different University councils and committees.


Our offices are located at the student center, on the floor called 2+ (behind the auditorium "Egget").


In the academic year of 2014-2015 The Executive Comittee consists of:

Johanne Vaagland

President and Executive for Faculties and Equality

E-mail: johanne@sp.uib.no, Phone: 971 56 888


Tord Lauvland Bjørnevik

Vice-president and Executive for International Affairs and Learning Environment

E-mail: tord@sp.uib.no, Phone: 926 34 606


Ingrid Fjellberg

Executive for Information, Student Welfare and Envronmental Issues

E-mail: ingrid@sp.uib.no, Phone: 477 17 691

Jin Sigve mæland

Executive for Education and Research

E-mail: jin@sp.uib.no, Phone: 971 56 880