The Open Air Sleepover Demo

  • Eirik Lie Reikerås, who represents DERA in the Student Parliament, is preparing for the night under the open sky.

  • The new inhabitants of Grønneviksøren II are offering hot dogs to visiting local politicians

  • Northern lights over Grønneviksøren II (Photo credit: Studvest)


In the heat of the run-up to the local election, student activists and City Council candidates gathered on the plot of land known as "Grønneviksøren II" for the cosiest demonstration of the 2015 election. 


Right beside the colourful new student houses at Grønneviksøren, there's a vacant plot of land which in many ways is perfect for creating sorely needed student accomodation in Bergen. The Student Welfare Orginasition (SiB) has a goal of achieving 20% housing coverage by 2020, meaning a staggering 1500 new student rooms over the next few years. The Ministry of Education and Research has already granted enough money for new housing to accomodate 500 students in Bergen, but at the moment SiB has tno suitable land on which to build the houses. In order to build enough student housing, large projects on large plots of land is a must. This is where Grønneviksøren II comes into the picture: the plot is large enough to accomodate several hundred students, it's close to the city centre, and lies in the middle of an exciting up-and-coming area. The Municipality of Bergen owns the land, and has the power to determine its fate. This is why the Student Parliament at UiB joined forces with the Student Welfare Parliament of Bergen and the Student Parliament at Bergen University College (HiB) and organised a sleep-over demo on the plot. 

To show local politicians that Grønneviksøren II is a great place to live, we created our own outdoor student house complete with old furniture we fished out of a basement at the University. Throughut the evening, many young politicians showed up: we had visitors from The Centre Party, The Red Party, Labour, The Liberal Party, The Socialist Left Party and The Green Party, which we entertained with hot dogs, card games and political discussions. We even had a show of Northern Lights late in the evening! In the end, nine students spent the night sleeping in our new student house.

You can read more about the sleep-over demo (in Norwegian) in Studvest and in Kontrast1 or listen to the Student Radio's report from the evening.