A mere 316 kr more to the students

  • President of The Student Parliament at UiB, Johanne Vaagland

Today the Norwegian finance minister, Siv Jensen, presented the state budget for 2016. Yet again the student body's main wish for extended and raised benefits is being ignored.


 - It's such a pity that a raise in student benefits is being downprioritised once again, says President of The Student Parliament at UiB, Johanne Vaagland.


In the 2016 budget the Government continues the support for student housing, by earmarking funds for building new housing to accomodate 2200 students. As for the student benefit, there will be a tiny raise of 316 kr per month. 


- For students to be able to study full-time, that is not nearly enough. Over the course of a year it adds up to not much more than half a month's rent. The measly 316 kr raise will easily be eaten up by the rise in fees on public transport and cultural activities which the same budget implies, Vaagland continues.


The Student Health and Wellbeing Survey (ShoT) concluded that 19 per cent of the student body is experiencing symptomatic psycological distress during their time as a student. Worries regarding personal economy are, along with performance pressure, one of the contributing factors for the well-above-average precentage. 


- This underlines the need to raise the student benefits, which will free up time and provide more security so that students can concentrate on their studies, concludes Vaagland.